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MadHouse is a Modern Strategic Planning and Brand Consultancy focused on helping organizations remove natural forces that prevent them from adapting and evloving, so they can invent or reinvent themsleves. We don't believe in working with more than one client in any one specific area, in order to retain a certain level of unbias and ignorance we feel is critical to our process. We like to focus on the problems we solve best.

We help startups and emerging companies with business model and brand development, as well as go-to-market strategies. We help mature and traditional organizations reimagine and rethink, as well as with organic growth. We help all companies figure out who they are and why they exist. We help all enterprises develop a unique value proposition. We help all brands creatively articulate their narrative, and employ appropriate marketing platforms. We help all oganizations digitize their businesses. And we help anyone that feels stuck and who may just need a little nudge.

Our expertise includes the following practices: Strategic Planning, Brand Development, Creative and Campaign Development, Digital Marketing and Technology Design.